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Welcomes you to Calhoun County, Illinois

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bullet.gif - 906 Bytes   Come in the Spring time for a quiet "Sunday drive". Enjoy the early blossoms and nesting birds.
bullet.gif - 906 Bytes   Come in the Summer to see the farmlands full of growing corn and beans along with peaches. Breathe in the warm air and take in the sun. Spend the day driving in the beautiful Illinois countryside and to enjoy food at the many fine restaurants.
bullet.gif - 906 Bytes   Come in the Autumn to see some dramatic fall colors. Take a drive to see Mother Nature's palette, the wildlife and to buy apples, peaches and produce at the many stands along the way.
bullet.gif - 906 Bytes   Come in the Winter time they come to view the eagles flying above the rivers. Spend some quiet time with nature.

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The Calhoun Ferry Company will help turn a pleasant country drive into a memorable experience.